Tuesday, November 30, 2010

CyberCats Zed-Bull @ 5 months

Zed is really beginning to come into his own, now when his eyes have finally changed enough to shine in his face instead of just disappearing into the black. I just love this boy, hope you do to!

Zed is in the process of changing his teeth right now, and all seems to be well. None of these kittens have had crooked bites as kittens, but I don't count my sheep until the teeth changed ;)

Zed has a couple of people that are interested in him, but no deposit has been placed, so feel free to contact me about him if he touches your heart as much as he touches mine :)

(Remember: You can click the pictures for a high-res version)

Zed - such a pretty buy, he just steals your heart :)
Over-exposed, but he was so cute in this one I had to add it anyway 
He is already beginning to get that "adult" look.

Zed is the "perfect" bicolor, with an inverted "V" in his forehead, a wide collar and a white spot in the center of his back. I just love the classics!

Another over-exposed picture, same reason for posting as the first one ;)

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