Tuesday, November 30, 2010

CyberCats Love Me Tinder @ 5 Months

First out from Sassy's litter is Tindra. (Tindra means "twinkle" or "shine" in Swedish). This little girl has so much going for her that I could talk about her good points all day - yet the thing about her that still tickles me is that she - despite being a van - has a perfectly heart-shaped black spot placed... well, right over her heart.

So if you think you notice a shadow between her front legs it is *not* that I did not clean my floors, that's her black heart-spot.

Tindra may be available to the right home (I'm still contemplating keeping her). If you are thinking of contacting me about her, it may be worth knowing that Tindras gradfather is an odd-eyed that has produced odd-eyes and whose offspring has produced odd-eyes. Oddies are not the focus of Cybercats, but I thought it could be worth mentioning anyway :)

So, here she is, Tindra: (remember, you can click each picture to see a larger version)

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