Sunday, July 25, 2010

Island Cat House

2 days of pouring rain is delaying the photo-session, sorry.

In the meanwhile, here's a quick video of the "cat house" on the island. All cats and and kittens that are able to cross the barrier are welcome to - but the barrier is high enough to ensure they don't get out until they are ready :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just a sidenote

Yes yes, we've had house guests for a few days. new kitten pictures soon (maybe tomorrow?)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sassys Kittens @ 15-17 days

Sassys babies are 17 days old today. The girl had a quick photo shoot 2 days ago, the boys had their first run in with the camera today.

Sassy and Nisse had 3 kittens - 2 boys and 1 girl. And here they are :

Boy#1 - Bicolor. enough, but rather low, white:

Boy #2 - Classic Bicolor with flashy pattern (3 full belts of white over the back)

Girl - very high white (van) - Very adorable heart shaped black spot over her heart. Slightly less extreme than her brothers but still very nicely typed, and with HUGE eyes.

Callies 3rd Boy @ 20 days

This boy has no name yet. He is the baby of the litter and by far the smallest, so he seems to be a few days behind his siblings in development. His birth weight was only 65 grams, but he has kept a beautiful growth curve. If he will catch up or not will not be determined until he starts eating on his own.

At this point (20 days old), I would label him as promising to very promising, depending on how his size will develop. Everything else is in place, and he is a sweetheart! :)

Callies Babies @ 20 days -2 more brothers and a sister

All of them are sweethearts, all of them are black&white - this is a collective post of the three (yes, she had *6* babies in her first litter!!) that do not get separate posts yet. First 2 pictures are of the same kitten.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Introducing: CyberCats Zed-Bull

This little guy is CC's brother (see post below) and is at this point one of my favourites in the litter. He has that BEAUTIFUL old-fashioned bi color pattern with a wide white collar, a thin white hip belt, a clearly defined white spot on the middle of his back and a perfect inverted V. His black is absolutely *JET* black.

He also has wonderful doming and forward roll and large poppy eyes that still sort of melt into his black areas but that will shine and entrance when the full color comes in. He didnt really feel like opening them today, but they are there. Also, that perfect little snubbety snub nose placked smack-bang center in the face and with a deep deep break.

I'm absolutely in love with him, can you tell? :)

Introducing: CyberCats Texas Instruments

So, time for the first pictures of a kitten from the cow-litters.
They were all black/white, and we have a joke going in the swedish breeding community where we call all black/white bicolors "cows" - regardless of sex. :)

So, now I would like to share CyberCats Cowboy Coder with you. This gorgeous little guy is already spoken for.

(He has a small black spot over his right nostril which caused a slight optical illusion of that nostril being larger, but if you look closely at the pictures you will see this is not the case - the spot is pigmentation, not dirt ;))

Friday, July 9, 2010

Linus - Creme White Van @ 8 weeks

Linus did not have a bath since he was 7 weeks old, but since he is showing such nice structural development I thought I would take a couple of quick headshot of him anyway.

This is the purrbox of the group. Slightly shy to strangers, but incredibly loving and always up for a rough and rumble with his siblings. Linus has been my favourite kitten in this litter from the start, and although lately Hampus & Tuss has caught up to him in look, I still have a special soft spot in my heart for Linus.

(Remember - if you want to look closer you can click the pictures to open a high resolution copy)

Linus has an EXCELLENT top head and wonderful forward roll. He is perking, not tipping, his ears in this picture:
This boy would be a great addition to a small bicolor program, with that sweet sweet look, sweet sweet personality and a headstructure and top to DIE for.

His eye color was late in changing, but as you can see it is now beginning to come in and should turn into copper/brown - more towards copper than brown in his case.

If you think you have the perfect home for my Linus, don't hesitate to contact me at emma @ cybercats . se.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tuss - Dilute Calico @ 8 weeks

Tuss... What else can I say that these pictures and video does not say for me?

Tomorrow she will be 8 weeks old. I keep thinking I will put her up as available, that *is* the plan, yet every time I spend time with her, or just look at her, I change my mind. She is just to cute to be true :)

Still, my mind may win over my heart, so if you think you have the perfect show home for my Tuss (Swedish for "Fluff") - do contact me. Be prepared for a lengthy interview though :)
Hey all, I'm Tuss the Magic Kitten!
Here I am with my bro Hampus

And this is a video of me, the very first time I saw a feather teaser. That was TODAY!!