Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tuss 6 1/2 Weeks - pictures

This was just a quick photo shoot because she was playful and the weather was good. tuss is NOT bathed in these pictures and new pictures showing her fluffy self will be posted soon :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hampus 6 1/2 Weeks - Pictures

Today was a beautiful day, I just had to take some photo's, although the babies hadn't seen water for over a week (except the drinking kind).

This is Hampus, who (unlike last time) decided to show his pretty, pretty eyes today. At 6 1/2 weeks old, the color is coming in very nicely, and like a fine wine he is only getting better with age. To my mind, a very very pretty baby, I really like his look!

Some pictures are nice, some are a bit fuzzy and some are over exposed, the hazards of only having your phone to take pictures with :(  As usual, you can click the pictures for a version in higher resolution if you want to check out the details. You can also look on the post below or click here to see a couple of quick videos of Hampus.

Hope you like him!

Mooooom! Stop taking pictures now! Please?

I said STOP!!!!

Hampus 6 1/2 Weeks - Videos

Too cute baby =)

Unfortunately there is a lot of picture tampering going on when showing kittens, that is the main reason why I place a couple of videos of my kittens on this site. That way you can see that the motion pictures and the still pictures correspond ;)

All the babies

Zoes' whole litter lounging around on the porch. Not fixed, not cleaned, not washed, no nothing. Just chillin' :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

#5 & #6

Time did tell, 2 more popped out.
NOW I think we're done :)

All alive, all vigourously screaming - or well, squeaking. Phew.  Good thing.

Slightly worried since momma cat has two nipples that are not, well, nipples. There are massive milk gland, and wrinkly skin above, but no true nipples. now when she had so many kittens she does need them all... Well well, nature knows best.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

#4 and breather

We now have 4 - all massively bent out of shape by birth, so quality assessment will have to wait until tomorrow :) Mom is now taking a well deserved break.

3 classic and one very high white (or, in FIFe terms - 3 03's and one 02). Sexes? Dunno, did not check closely. I think we have another batch to go, but only time will tell.


Third kitten, legs first.
Went in and out, so I ended up grabbing a hold and helping it out.
Its something strange about seing the hind quarters of a kitten halfway out the mother, yet struggling and full of life.

A miracle, is what it is :)

Kitten #2

Looks to be a classic black white with a wide white collar over the neck. So far the two girls in unison are doing a fantastic job :)

Cat Midwife

First kitten born, very very flashy black white (they all will be black white - unless callie carries dilute).
Boy, I think. She had a HARD time with this one - as so often is the case with the firstborn on a virgin mother. But, once she finally got the head out - the kitten started squeaking right away, and with just 2 more pushes he was out.

Callie is already showing signs of being an excellent mother, but the most amazing thing with this birth is how close she and Sassy are. Sassy is in the birth box with Callie, and once the kitten was out she even helped her clean him!!

here we go again!

Wooot woot, time for bouquet #2 of this year! Water broke and pushing has begin!
Exciting times =)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Tuss, 5 weeks

The sister, Tuss, is everything a tortie should be. Outgoing, assertive, courageous and extremely people friendly :)

Getting pictures of her was the hardest work of them all. She is very pretty and very photogenic, but for some reason every picture I took was either over exposed or fuzzy :(  I tried several times today, and what I am sharing here is sort of "the best of the worst".

Rasmus, 5 weeks

Rasmus, the final brother. His look is slightly different from his siblings, with somewhat more of a "potato nose" and the largest, most expressive eyes of the bunch. The color is just beginning to come in, but my crappy iPhone pictures doesn't show them off very well...

Rasmus is a "mommas boy". It was incredibly hard to get pictures of him as he was screaming for mommy the whole time, poor thing :) That's why there are several pictures of me actually holding him - it was the only way to get a picture of him where he didn't have his mouth wide open and his eyes squeezed shut :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Linus 5 weeks

My mother helped me name the kittens, who will be 5 weeks tomorrow. She told me they all look like "usses", and I quite agreed :)  So now we have Linus, Hampus, Pontus and Tuss. In this post I'd like to show you Linus, who is the creme van, and gorgeous (well, at least I think so, but I'm biased :))

Linus is, like all his littermates, a pure persian. He is at this point VERY promising, and will likely become available to an approved home.

Remember, you can click the pictures for a high res version!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kittens in the house!!!

New kittens are in the house!!

Proud parents are Nisse & Zoe. I'll give each of them a post because I cannot limit the number of pictures, I just can't :) I am extremely pleased with the development of this litter, and Zoe (as last time) is an absolute EXCELLENT mother.

Kittens were born 3 1/2 weeks ago, on ascension eve. (May 13)
They are now the happies, healthiest little things you ever saw. All of them may become available, all of them are at this point very promising.

Litter consists of 4 kittens:
1 extremely light creme van boy (FIFe 01)
1 high white creme boy (FIFe 02)
1 high white blue boy (FIFe 02)
1 high white dilute calico girl (FIFe 02)

So here they are - enjoy!
(It was very light outisde where I had to take them to photograph with my crappy camera - so the lovely big eyes are not showing as they should. You just have to imagine :))

Super Light Creme Van Boy (1 *tiny* bodyspot)

Creme-White Flashy Boy