Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kittens in the house!!!

New kittens are in the house!!

Proud parents are Nisse & Zoe. I'll give each of them a post because I cannot limit the number of pictures, I just can't :) I am extremely pleased with the development of this litter, and Zoe (as last time) is an absolute EXCELLENT mother.

Kittens were born 3 1/2 weeks ago, on ascension eve. (May 13)
They are now the happies, healthiest little things you ever saw. All of them may become available, all of them are at this point very promising.

Litter consists of 4 kittens:
1 extremely light creme van boy (FIFe 01)
1 high white creme boy (FIFe 02)
1 high white blue boy (FIFe 02)
1 high white dilute calico girl (FIFe 02)

So here they are - enjoy!
(It was very light outisde where I had to take them to photograph with my crappy camera - so the lovely big eyes are not showing as they should. You just have to imagine :))

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