Monday, July 12, 2010

Introducing: CyberCats Zed-Bull

This little guy is CC's brother (see post below) and is at this point one of my favourites in the litter. He has that BEAUTIFUL old-fashioned bi color pattern with a wide white collar, a thin white hip belt, a clearly defined white spot on the middle of his back and a perfect inverted V. His black is absolutely *JET* black.

He also has wonderful doming and forward roll and large poppy eyes that still sort of melt into his black areas but that will shine and entrance when the full color comes in. He didnt really feel like opening them today, but they are there. Also, that perfect little snubbety snub nose placked smack-bang center in the face and with a deep deep break.

I'm absolutely in love with him, can you tell? :)

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