Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kittens - Day 15

Dilbert is developing nicely! Although his nose is set lower than his siblings, his eyes are HUGE, his break is deep and his head is nicely smooth and rounded. It is still too early to say what will happen with him - will he keep developing and typing up, or will he cease to improve?

No way of knowing - but he's cute as a button!

Sander finally opened his eyes today - a late bloomer it seems! Since they are only just open, he still looks a bit more tired than his siblings and has yet to develop the look that they've got - even though his will probably be the best of the bunch =)

Speaking of eyes and look - I'm delighted by Booties development. Her eyes are getting more poppy every day and the widths are just excellent. These are a few pictures of her exploring Daniels arm, and what's on the other side of it :)

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