Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I was beginning to depair that it would never happen - but today, finally, Maya went into heat. Maya is 7 years old - well, 6 1/2, and has only had one litter before. Her father is one of the best cats I bred "last time around" and her mother is the half-sister of Squeak (Loppans mum - if you wonder who I'm talking about, check out the full Cybercats site).

The plan is to breed her to Nisse, our pretty boy from Marylands cattery that is now 1 3/4 years old. When Maya started calling Nisse was very sceptical. She has whopped him really good these past few months whenever he got to close, so now he is a bit perplexed at the notion that he might come closer to her.

Fingers crossed all will work out =)

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