Saturday, April 18, 2009

Zoe - Day 64 - 9 am

Yesterday evening Zoe started bleeding again. Just very slightly - and the bleeding soon stopped. No other signs, so aside from setting the alarm 3 times this night rather than 2, we did nothing special. My worry increased tenfold though.

This morning she was happily sleeping on her rug next to the bed (the one I incorrectly call "carpet" in the video below) and as I petted her when I got up to take Leia - the CyberDog - for her morning walk I could feel bouncing activity in her belly. Like a flash my worry dispated. However many there are in there, and despite Zoe spotting blood, the kittens are alive and kicking - literally :)

Zoe also had some KMR (milk replacement) last night wich she happily gulfed down. She is a bit of a worry to get extra strength into as she is your classic kibble-addict and simply does not consider anything else food. Not raw meat, not the most delicious wet-food, not even NutriCal. But, KMR was ok - so now at least I kow I can give her a strengthening tonic of that if needed.

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