Friday, April 17, 2009

Zoe - 9 weeks

We are on day 63 and Zoe is 9 weeks pregnant today. The time is drawing near and as you can see (and as can be expected) Zoe is bigger than ever. There's a lot of life (knock on wood) in there waiting to get out.

We are very happy Zoe decided to keep the kittens in several days beoying the discharge and mucus-plug incident we had on day 59 - but I must also admit that I feel a little bit worried that something is wrong because that happened.

There is no use worrying in any case. Today, or in a few more days at least, we will know how it went and I hope and pray that there will be a big bunch of happy, healthy kittens nursing in her box.

Zoe is in excellent health. She is in a good mood, plays, eats and drinks. Despite her size she will still happily race after her favourite toy and she acts in all ways like a happy, healthy female. I should not let that blood a few days ago disturb me so much... but I do a little bit anyway.

Zoe is now confined to the master bedroom, since today. She has started nesting a little bit and we feel it prudent not to let her out of our sight any more. I took a little video of her luxorous maternity ward for those interested :)

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