Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Zoe - Day 60

Zoe gave us a terrible scare yesterday! I thought that she was getting a bit dirty behind because she couldn't reach to wash herself, but when I examined it a little bit closer it turned out to be a bloody discharge. Only a very, very little bit - but still!

She was on day 59 and I really did not want the kittens entering the world yesterday, especially as Zoe has no milk yet - but we did realize that time was of the essence and gave her a bath and a new tummy shave yesterday afternoon. Zoe is a very relaxed cat and doesn't mind being bathed or fussed with, so I assumed/hoped that bathing would not hurry a premature delivery.

Just look at her in the wet - she has true love-handles :)

Later yesterday evening when I checked on her again, she had just dropped her mucus-plug. Since she doesn't really reach to wash herself - nor does she know what is going on, she had made no attempt to remove it - so for a change I got to see one. After the plug had been dropped she kept weeping a blood-mixed discharge for a few hours - but only very very slight. Also, it was not discolored in any way and had no smell, unpleasant or otherwise.

Through this whole process she was completely undisturbed and went about her business as usual, including eating, drinking and just basically lounging around - so after a quick "check up"-call to the vet we decided to wait and see if she'll be one of those girls that drop the plug early. After all, she's huge - there has to be some preassure on her insides now.

Of course, I set the alarm during the night and went up to check on her several times, but all is back to normal now. The discharge has stopped and Zoe seems to be in a good mood. I took her temperature this morning and it is a bit low (38.1 C / 100,5 F) so it could very well be today. I hope she'll be able to keep them in for another couple of days though. Comon Zoe, you can do it!

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