Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kittens - Day 8

The kittens are 8 days old now, and man are they growing! This is one of the easieswt litters I have *ever* had. Mommy Zoe is doing everything right and all I need to do is keep her well-fed and happy.

The inner corners of the kittens eyes are beginning to turn a little bit moist, so we should see them opening their shiny blues in a day or two. All kittens are developing as expected when they were born.

First off we have Dilbert. He didn't want to cooperate on the photo shoot today so the pictures of him are not the greatest. He is a promising young man, although his eyes are slightly more slanted than his siblings and the nose is placed a tad lower.

(P.s. - You know that clicking the pictures will show you a larger version, right?)

Dilberts' brother Sander has very horizontal eye-slits and the snubbest little nose. Also, his head is phenomenal (at this stage).

Finally we have our little keeper girl, Bootie (we are naming her CyberCats ReBoot in honor of us starting over after such a long time:)). Her type is every bit as good as Sanders, and although he has her beaten on the doming department, hers is very promising too!

Hope you liked them!

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