Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 55 and counting

This week Daniel is out travelling and so my time at the computer is limited. Thank god I'm on vacation - taking care of the cats and the puppy is a full time job right now!

I'm counting the days. We are on day 55 now. Only 2-3 days left until my worst worry will begin to abate. Meaning: Kittens born on day 57-58 can survive. Not easily, but it can be done. I have personally saved a litter of 5 born on day 57.

The main problem with preemies are their little lungs. Up until day 57 they can't survive simply because the lungs are not ready to supply them with the oxygen every animal needs. The final week (57 to 63-65) will mainly see growth in the kittens, that are otherwise done. So the other problem with early kittens are that they are too small and weak to nurse as they need - something that can be helped with good quality kitten formula, and tube-feeding for the weakest ones. So, it can be done. 2 more days to go and I can slowly start relaxing.

With all the incredible bad luck I've had with my animals the past few years I don't dare to take anything for granted, but I hope and pray for a full term pregnancy and an easy delivery.

Zoe keeps swelling - new photos soon!

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