Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Welcome to our Kitten-blog!

Hi there, and welcome to Persian Pregnancy. This blog is a companion-blog to the CyberCat website. The purpose of this blog is to publish photos and stories from our cats' pregnancies, kittening and the raising of the kittens. The target audiences are:
  1. Ourselves - it's a handy place to keep records and track of how the girls and kittens develop for later references.
  2. The kitten buyers - Here you can follow your furbaby from the very start
  3. The public - Anyone interested in the joys, trials and tribulations of breeding purebred cats.
Aside from the details and photos about our own females we will also be sharing hints, tips and tricks about breeding purebred cats. What can go wrong and how to fix it, supplements for pregnant females, etc.

Currently we have two pregnant females, Zoe and Trixie. Zoe is 4 1/2 weeks pregnant - which means she's about halfway through her term, or in the middle of her second trimester. Trixie was bred only a few days ago, so we'll be able to follow her from the start.

Happy reading!

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