Saturday, March 21, 2009

Trixie - Day 9

Trixie to the left, Zoe to the right.

Quite a change has occured in the pecking order here. While Trixie was gone to meet her boyfriend, Zoe has become more and more pregnant, and thereby she has risen in the hierarchy. So when Trixie came home - her body and thereby her rank not yet showing pregnancy - Zoe is all over her. Beating her about. Hissing whenever she comes close. Zoe is all aglow in her thickening waistline and misses no chance to tell Trixie who's the head honcho now.

Isn't she going to be surprised in a few weeks as Trixies star begins to rise? :)

In the meanwhile, poor baby Trixie. I hope the stress she's under will not have any adverse effect on her (possible) pregnancy...

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